Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A Client's Review

One of my counseling clients (Jackie S.) wrote the following statement about my book today:

"For 17 years I've tried to find an answer for understanding life's pain from early childhood trauma, to adolescent hormones, and to young adult mistakes."

"It starts by sorting through emotions, one by one. From guilt, shame, anger, and fear, we begin to understand the Dark Secret. Hanging on to painful memories is the meaning of the Dark Secret."

"To apply the simplicity of The Eby Way is to learn how to let go of painful issues. By letting go, I'm now understanding the pain from my past was consuming any joy for my future."

"I've been working with Gary Eby for quite awhile now, and I believe learning to challenge, release, and heal our dark secrets is the secret of life."

View his book at Sterlinghousepublisher.Com

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