Monday, August 11, 2008

A Sample of The Eby Way


I am standing on our outside patio deck trying to get a good look at the sunset. It is blocked for the most part by some of our trees.

I walk down from our deck to the extended and horizontal mound of green grass which overlooks the community tennis court in the backyard. Now the view is unobstructed by the glorious, sinking, heat fixture.

Presently it’s a huge, yellow-orange orb, slowly descending into our western horizon; framed by a grand Ponderosa Pine tree on each side. Further in the distance, blue mountain tops sprout above a rolling green backdrop of forest trees.

The white-bluish sky appears to swallow the Sun in half, and it spits out a flame red cape of light. As the Sun further dips into near invisibility, there remains only a crescent glow like a dying ember of coal.

With a blink of a magicians dragon silk, the ember vanishes, replaced by a dim sky banner painted purple, pink, tangerine, pastel white, and faint blue.

I sit cross-legged on our grass mound, grateful for the time of twilight before the inevitable curtain of darkness brings on the night. I am reminded of my strange dream last night.

As I recall, I found myself driving in the darkness on a curvy mountain road. The vehicle picked up too much speed as it descended into a twisted one lane highway. I applied my brakes, but the foot peddle went limp to the floor. To my horror the brakes failed....

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1 comment:

Mike O'Hare said...

Hi Gary,
Not sure where to reply so I picked this spot. Your blog looks really "dark" -- in tune with the theme of your material. Nice one and quite techno. You'll have to pass on a few tips.

I reckon that I must be replying on eBlogger. However my main home page for all blogging will be The Meadow home page so I hope you make a note.

As for this book tour thing, well I'm not sure how this is going to work at the moment. My philosophy is simply this: Blog on about five or six sites using the same material and then direct the URL of that page to your contacts.

That is much more effective than having to rely on google to direct traffick to you. Maybe we can discuss this some time, especially when you can install Skype.