Friday, November 14, 2008

Secrets Revealed

The Eby Way is based on my 39 years as a professional social worker, and the new system I developed called emotional recovery to help people have better lives. In addition, the story speaks about my journey to spiritual transformation, which reveals dark secrets and our inherent power to choose the positive.

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Book Review. WheelMan Press (

After working in the social work field for 37 years, author Gary Eby developed a simple formula to help anyone overcome a negative past and to embrace a positive lifestyle. In his book, Eby proves the effectiveness of his technique by providing examples of his own experiences as well as the stories of some of the people he has counseled.

This book is a self improvement guide as well as an inspirational tool that will definitely benefit those who are burdened with a difficult past. Not only does this book provide guidance, but it encourages readers to seek spiritual healing as well.

"The Eby Way" is an encouraging and motivating guide that proves that with a little help any obstacles can be overcome.

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