Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Twitter Interview with Magdalena Ball

magdalenaball: Hi Gary, I'm here, and ready to roll. Shoot a question at me and I'll answer as best as I can.

qlcoach: Great! Welcome. Please introduce yourself to our friends on Twitter: G

magdalenaball: I'm Magdalena, writer, reviewer, mother, juggler. Author of Repulsion Thrust (poetry), Sleep Before Evening (fiction), and more.

magdalenaball: I'll talk Repulsion Thrust (latest). It's science inspired poetry: seeking answers to the human condition through Quantum Physics.

qlcoach: Very interesting. So how can we improve the "human condition"? G

magdalenaball: Poetry is rarely didactic. I'm not sure there are any improvement tips! I do believe in the power of art though on many levels

magdalenaball: What I will say is that I think poetry can often bridge the communication gulf. Getting from what I mean to what you hear is hard, and metaphor (cheating I know) can bridge that gulf instantly - like music, or visual art.

(For more info about this interview, please click on the link below.)

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